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9 Eastern Mediterranean Essentials

It seems that when Americans get out of the country at all, we tend to gravitate towards a few more comfortable destinations: London, Paris, Western Europe, maybe Australia. So when we decided to take a vacation with some friends, we … Continue reading

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5 Inevitable Home Improvement Hiccups

I spent the weekend doing a quick and dirty bathroom renovation: new caulk around the tub, new vanity, cleaned-up grout, and a little fresh paint. I’m not a pro, but I know my way around a Home Depot, and I’ve … Continue reading

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7 Words That Deserve a Comeback

The English language continuously evolves. Sadly, this means that worthy words from times of yore frequently make way for things like “LOL” and “blogosphere.” Here are 7 mostly retired words I’d like to see back in the ring: starch – … Continue reading

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