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Some Rules For Life In No Particular Order

Rule #27: Never drive behind a van with ladders on its roof. The same goes for pickup trucks with ladders in the bed. Being a good roofer/exterior contractor does not necessarily grant one the ability to tie good knots. Rule … Continue reading

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New Things

Here’s the thing: I don’t actually love new things. Not really. I still do them all the time; I’ve got this huge list of cool stuff I’ve tried over the years, and obviously there was a first time for everything. … Continue reading

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There’s a pond. It’s not really a pond…it’s a puddle. But it could be a pond. It’s in the woods, nestled in the shadow of a hill. It’s really just a divot in the dirt that fills up with rainwater … Continue reading

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Can I Write?

I’ve had kind of an up and down last couple months, and part of the reason is that I’ve started writing again. Specifically, I’m taking a writing class with Grub Street, which is a creative writing organization in Boston that … Continue reading

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Tax-free weekend

Massachusetts is celebrating our annual tax-free weekend. This is not a good time to go to Ikea, Target, or a furniture store, unless you’re hell-bent on making a purchase large enough to justify saving 6 cents on the dollar, or … Continue reading

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Social Media Audiences

I think I get that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a personal blog are for separate and distinct purposes; however, in my case (in the case of most people not Building Their Personal Brand), the audiences overlap so much that it’s … Continue reading

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