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wait to decide

Today’s entry is late, which is appropriate, because it has to do with waiting to make decisions. There’s a school of thought that says to commit to a course of action as early as possible; this goes hand-in-hand with the … Continue reading

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random stuff: tides, bike, topics

Just a few little life updates and anecdotes as I recover from a 7-mile ride on a warm, pleasant and sunny Sunday evening. We spent the day at the beach yesterday; I continue to be fascinated by the phenomenon known … Continue reading

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one trip to the buffet

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry which touched on a phenomenon I call the “Buffet Paradox“, which prompted a question from my old friend Alan: Curious about your thoughts on avoiding the buffet approach to begin with. Ive … Continue reading

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the new!

Welcome to the all new and improved! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve migrated from an absolutely ancient version of the Moveable Type blogging engine and onto this shiny new WordPress-powered system. The most obvious difference is … Continue reading

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you can’t save the princess

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot lately about goals. I think that a lot of that stems from working on a product that’s built solely to measure progress: one of the first parts of the implementation is talking through … Continue reading

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two cooks, two courses

I accidentally invented a new Sloppy Joe recipe last night. I was making turkey tacos–one of my favorite meals–and I decided to get rid of a few mostly-empty jars of hot pepper rings and jalepenos that were taking up space … Continue reading

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…and beverages

Speaking of beverages, Brother Matt got Kara and I a Sodastream carbonated beverage machine as an anniversary gift. First off, big ups to him–wasn’t expecting a gift. It was really cool of him to think of us, and I am … Continue reading

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two years of wedded bliss

Today marks two years since Kara and I got married. My, how time does fly by! This type of occasion calls out for a typical “here are my thoughts on marriage” list, but as I was thinking about it, a … Continue reading

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of bikes…

For those of you who miss the old-style blog updates where I ramble about my life, welcome back! I think I’ve put about 20 miles total on the bike so far…did a 5.5 mile ride just now. Some observations: Riding … Continue reading

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mini-cases: the shifting burden of work

Most modern web applications are nothing more than a bunch of boxes. One holds a name, another holds the value selected from a list of options, and another indicates that one group of boxes is somehow related to another group … Continue reading

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