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labatt the lolcat!

Oh hai! Look at what I has found! Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterRedditDiggPrintRSS

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proving yourself

Somebody told me a long time ago–and I hated hearing it then, and I hate hearing it now, and I hate knowing it’s true–is that you can never stop proving yourself. You never “win.” It’s never over. You prove yourself, … Continue reading

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40 hours

Now that I primarily work by the hour, I’m stunned at just how difficult it is to get to a full 40 billable hours. “Billable” basically means that I’m actively working for a client. That is, I’m writing code, or … Continue reading

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goals and limits

A topic that came up over lunch last week was the need to set personal limits. When you start with an opportunity, your natural tendency is to view the sky as being the limit: ideally, the opportunity will sweep you … Continue reading

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no entry today

No blog entry today. I can’t think of anything I want to say enough to say it. I suppose the absence of speech is, in itself, a statement. Back tomorrow. Share this:FacebookLinkedInTwitterRedditDiggPrintRSS

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things i like: wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad

My buddy MJP recently bought one of these Samsung Blu-Ray all-in-one home theater systems after being without surround sound for some time. He’d also been working on building a home multimedia PC; he wanted to be able to stream things … Continue reading

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absolute essentials and nice-to-haves

I love living in a condo with a balcony. I like saying that it’s the most expensive treehouse I’ve ever owned. In the more pleasant months, it’s my outdoor kitchen–I’m not quite bold enough to grill outdoors 12 months a … Continue reading

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choosing appropriate metrics

I’m doing a lot of work right now for my main client on a product, called Pulse,that is used to help organizations track the performance metrics of their investments. Now, normally, if you invest money in a business, you want … Continue reading

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countdown to productivity

As many of you know, I think that the process of exploring little tips and tricks for productivity is probably more interesting than the end result of that increased productivity–the journey over the destination, as it were. The latest thing … Continue reading

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common touchpoints

My brother, Mike, is off in Germany and various other parts of Europe for a few weeks. It got me thinking about the “backpacking through Europe” phenomenon. I think it’s an important experience for three reasons. First, it’s obviously a … Continue reading

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