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Channeling Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney had the right idea. String together a series of short sentiments, like bullet points without the bullets, and before you know it, you’ve got a column. Kids these days have it so good with their video games. I … Continue reading

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more content on the way…

I was pretty good about sticking to the MWF schedule for a week, but spending the weekend in PA threw me a bit. Plus, got a work project that I’m wrapping up…rest assured, new content is on the way. –Mark … Continue reading

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How to Waste Advertising Money, or, Please Bring Cici’s Pizza to Boston

There are things in this world I fail to understand. Some of these are sensible sources of confusion, like the source of gravity or the nature of time. And some would baffle even Hawking: why would an ad for a … Continue reading

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You Can Never Be Too Careful

Police Officer Hank Johnson looked up from his desk, then immediately looked back down again, managing to miss the piercing, searching eyes of the Chief. It was his last day before retirement, and there was no way he was going … Continue reading

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5 Desert Island Beers

The “desert island scenario” suggests that you’d only have a limited selection of something with which to live out the rest of your (tanned, wave-cooled, coconut-scented) life. Obviously, on a real desert island, you’d have keen survival issues (isn’t rum … Continue reading

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The Fry-archy: 7 Fabulous French Fry Formats

If there’s an American staple side dish, it’s the good ol’ pomme frite. But all fries are not created equal. I’ve developed an elaborate hierarchy of preferred fry format: the fry-archy, if you will. First, a definition: by “french fry” … Continue reading

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Where: View Larger Map If you zoom out, you’ll see that this small Mediterranean island is south of Sicily. Just the Facts: About 121 square miles with a population of a little over 400,000. It’s an independent republic, the smallest … Continue reading

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upcoming blog changes

I’m considering making some changes to the format of the blog. Facebook has largely replaced the trivial “here are pictures of my cat and we’re going to the Vermont house this weekend” type of life updates…the personal stuff. LinkedIn has … Continue reading

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