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I’m out of breath when I reach the top of my alone place, afternoon sun baking me and my mind and the bike under the thin, useless shadows of the power lines and the towers; I want one last run–like … Continue reading

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There’s a pond. It’s not really a pond…it’s a puddle. But it could be a pond. It’s in the woods, nestled in the shadow of a hill. It’s really just a divot in the dirt that fills up with rainwater … Continue reading

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Devil Music

Johnny Rocck could tell the crowd wasn’t into the show, and if he was honest with himself, he wasn’t either. Rocckstar was a talented band, for sure, but what had really made them a chart-topping phenomenon was their ability to … Continue reading

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You Can Never Be Too Careful

Police Officer Hank Johnson looked up from his desk, then immediately looked back down again, managing to miss the piercing, searching eyes of the Chief. It was his last day before retirement, and there was no way he was going … Continue reading

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