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A Year of Beer #1: Yuengling Lager

The thing about Yuengling is, it’s my desert island beer. I love the stuff. Not because it’s the most amazing, world-altering brew out there, but because it’s solid, consistent, and drinkable. And, it’s one of the first things out of … Continue reading

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A Year of Beer

It’s time to rediscover that younger me who enjoyed variety and exploration in beer: to drink, document and discover 365 beers over the course of the next 365 days! Continue reading

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3 Steak Tips

For a long time, steak intimidated me, but I feel like I’ve spent enough time doing the whole steak thing that I’m qualified to offer a few tips to people who might feel a bit overwhelmed. Continue reading

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time for a comeback

I think I’ll start this thing up again. More to come. (No…really. This time.)

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road warrior tips: frequent flying part 1

Oh, the joys of being a road warrior. I’m on a remote client right now, so I tend to get on an airplane just about every week. It’s just Boston to Philly, so I’m generally only in the air long … Continue reading

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out of exile

Well, here I am. If something is your sole source of income, it’s your job. If it doesn’t make you any money and/or costs you money, it’s a hobby. Profit-generating hobbies are somewhere in-between. I think most blogs fall on … Continue reading

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happy 2010!

I hope everybody had a great holiday and new year celebration! I’m back in Boston after a relaxing visit to family in PA and a raucous New Year’s evening (and early morning) in NYC. Santa was quite generous; we now … Continue reading

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long-term jobs

My dad retired from his job of 35 years on Friday. Having a truly long-term job is uncommon–even in his age group, only about 28% stay in one place for over 20 years. Continue reading

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freelancing lessons: part 1

I’ve been promising to share some of the lessons learned from my year of freelancing. Here’s one: you can’t put each of your fingers in a separate pie and expect to just eat the most delicious one. When I started … Continue reading

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It’s official: I’m a Certified Administrator! The last time I got a certification for a particular technology was way back in 2001, when I went to NYC to learn about DoubleClick’s advertising management system. It was my first-ever business … Continue reading

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