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I’m out of breath when I reach the top of my alone place, afternoon sun baking me and my mind and the bike under the thin, useless shadows of the power lines and the towers; I want one last run–like … Continue reading

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My Idea

There’s a story we like to tell about my middle brother, Matt, and the fact that he sometimes doesn’t like to do things if they weren’t his idea. I’ll probably screw up the specifics, but it revolves around the fact … Continue reading

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Some Rules For Life In No Particular Order

Rule #27: Never drive behind a van with ladders on its roof. The same goes for pickup trucks with ladders in the bed. Being a good roofer/exterior contractor does not necessarily grant one the ability to tie good knots. Rule … Continue reading

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New Things

Here’s the thing: I don’t actually love new things. Not really. I still do them all the time; I’ve got this huge list of cool stuff I’ve tried over the years, and obviously there was a first time for everything. … Continue reading

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There’s a pond. It’s not really a pond…it’s a puddle. But it could be a pond. It’s in the woods, nestled in the shadow of a hill. It’s really just a divot in the dirt that fills up with rainwater … Continue reading

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Can I Write?

I’ve had kind of an up and down last couple months, and part of the reason is that I’ve started writing again. Specifically, I’m taking a writing class with Grub Street, which is a creative writing organization in Boston that … Continue reading

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Tax-free weekend

Massachusetts is celebrating our annual tax-free weekend. This is not a good time to go to Ikea, Target, or a furniture store, unless you’re hell-bent on making a purchase large enough to justify saving 6 cents on the dollar, or … Continue reading

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Social Media Audiences

I think I get that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a personal blog are for separate and distinct purposes; however, in my case (in the case of most people not Building Their Personal Brand), the audiences overlap so much that it’s … Continue reading

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A Year of Beer #3: Boston Beer Works Back Bay IPA

I really like Boston Beer Works; they’re one of my favorite brewery/restaurants, and the Fenway location used to be a regular dinner destination when friends came into town. I didn’t realize that they had started to bottle their beers, so … Continue reading

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A Year of Beer #2: Samuel Adams Belgian Session

I picked this up as part of Sam’s Beers of Summer pack for 2013. I’m a huge, huge fan of sampler packs–I remember buying a Saranac “12 Beers of Christmas” back in school as a way to try a variety … Continue reading

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