A Year of Beer #3: Boston Beer Works Back Bay IPA

I really like Boston Beer Works; they’re one of my favorite brewery/restaurants, and the Fenway location used to be a regular dinner destination when friends came into town. I didn’t realize that they had started to bottle their beers, so when I saw a sampler of four of their styles, I picked it up.

One of them was their Back Bay IPA. And…it’s an IPA. It’s bitter and hoppy and there’s not too much else going on there. It tastes, well, like an IPA. It’s not bad. It’s not outstanding.

I should pause for a moment and say, I am over IPAs and any sort of beer that is hop-focused. I didn’t like pale ales when I first tried them, I gradually grew to like the style, and I then got completely burned out thanks to the “hop wars”: brewers’ efforts to one-up each other by adding more and more hops, upping the bitterness in an apparent quest to achieve the hoppiest possible beer.

Nope. Done. I want other flavors besides hops. So, this is a reasonable IPA; I wouldn’t dump it out if I had an open bottle, but neither would I go out of my way to buy or drink it.

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