A Year of Beer

If this year had a theme, it might be “back to basics,” or, “stick with what works.” I find myself surveying the storage space in the basement, clubs stacked on racquets stacked on bicycles stacked on Rubbermaid containers full of candlemaking equipment, woodworking tools, camping gear and the odd case of paintballs. The condo is no different.

The point is, I’ve tried a lot of, well, stuff. Hobbies. Activities. Variety has spiced my life almost to the point of inedibility. And yet, in some things, I’ve become altogether boring.

Take trips to the local beer mart, for example. I am greeted by an exhilarating, almost bewildering array of craft beers that would make my younger self swoon. I scan the shelf–yet another overhopped IPA; an elderberry-kumquat stout; a microbrew naturally fermented in a basement in Oregon. I shake my head and select a cold 30-rack of Coors Lite. Unexciting, refreshing when cold, about as challenging to the palate as Katy Perry to the ear, but, eh. Why not? It’s like I’ve lost my love of interesting beer.

Enough! It’s time to rediscover that younger me who enjoyed variety and exploration. It’s time to grab a–four-pack, apparently, which is a thing now–of something obscure. Or, to drink a PBR, unironically, and consider the merits of a beverage preferred by both my hipster brother and retiree uncle. I came up with this idea: why not attempt to drink, document and discover 365 beers over the course of the next 365 days? Not one beer every single day, of course, but I’ll try to average it out so my year–and yours–is full of delicious beverages.

Of course, not every beer will be completely new to me; part of the reason I stopped drinking such a variety was actually that I’d tried so many, I was getting tired of being disappointed of all the “me too” brews. Not everything will be craft, and I can tell you right now that my old standby–the Silver Bullet–is going to be an entry somewhere along the line. This experiment will be as much about trying the new and different as documenting the tried and true–beers that “work” for me.

Why now? Why July 12th? Simple: because yesterday was the day before, tomorrow is the next, and there’s no time like the present. So grab your favorite coozie, select a comfortable bottle opener, and let’s crack into some beer!

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