out of exile

Well, here I am.

If something is your sole source of income, it’s your job. If it doesn’t make you any money and/or costs you money, it’s a hobby. Profit-generating hobbies are somewhere in-between. I think most blogs fall on the “hobby” side of the equation; you could argue that active blogging improves your writing skills and helps you market yourself, thus leading to better jobs and indirectly influencing revenue, but let’s not split hairs on this one. I don’t make a dime on this, so I think it’s ok for me to take an informal hiatus if I have a concern that my hobby might actually have a negative impact on my current job.

But after 8 months, I think I’m more comfortable knowing where the line is. For those who don’t know, my job hunt–which ramped up in earnest back in January–landed me a position with a mega-huge international consulting company in February. I don’t believe we have any specific prohibition against blogging, but it is 2011, and anything you post online is going to stay online, forever, and I decided to play it safe by not writing anything at all.

I miss it, though. While the work is interesting, I don’t always get a chance to shoot the bull on topics I really enjoy, like high-level strategy or positioning or the value of one approach over another. Frankly, we’re all pretty busy just keeping the wheels on.

So I’m bringing the blog back…not that it was ever gone. Just on vacation.

Rules of the road:

  • No talking about the specifics of my employer
  • No talking about the specifics of my client, either
  • No specifics of any methodologies or guidelines or best practices that are internal to either my employer or any of my clients
  • Probably no case studies, either…nothing that could be construed as either an endorsement or condemnation of any particular action, strategy, or lack thereof
  • Definitely no criticism or complaints (at least, none that are work-related)

That said, I’m still gonna talk about business and technology, because that’s what I do. I am certainly going to talk about life on the road, because I frequently commute between Boston and my client in Philadelphia. Chances are, I’ll throw some fun entries about french fries and beer in there too. It’s been nearly 10 months since my last entry. I’ve had a lot of time to think–in airplanes, in rental cars, at the hotel bar’s karaoke night and sitting in my chair in Brighton during work-from-home days.

It’s good to be back.

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