happy 2010!

I hope everybody had a great holiday and new year celebration! I’m back in Boston after a relaxing visit to family in PA and a raucous New Year’s evening (and early morning) in NYC.

Santa was quite generous; we now have a Blu Ray player, a subscription to Netflix, and Kara is taking the two of us to a cooking class in February, to say nothing of many books, video games, clothes, toys, and, of course, Legos. I just got done watching Inception (I managed to avoid spoilers!) and my mind is still reeling. Battlestar: Galactica streams flawlessly over wi-fi. I am nothing if not entertained.

But back to business. I formally wrapped up my relationship with my last consulting client before Christmas, and I’m in the middle stages of the job hunt. It’s going well and I hope to have something to report before long.

One of my major goals for the new year is to get back to blogging, so expect more content in the immediate future!

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