bye bye brickskellar

The Brickskellar was probably the first bar I ever visited in DC. I discovered it when I was still expanding my beer horizons, and you can’t get much more variety than a place with over a thousand different options. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s closing down.

While I’m sad to see it go, keeping a bar/restaurant running for over 50 years is an impressive feat (although I was surprised to learn that the failure rate for restaurants isn’t nearly as high as the “90%” often held as conventional wisdom). And, I’m sure the owners are happy to finally be able to execute their exit strategy–if they are exiting, given that they’ve got another bar in a much more high-traffic Chinatown location.

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One Response to bye bye brickskellar

  1. Momma D says:

    what do ya say…family trip to the brickskeller… for one last round ?

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