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Today is my Mom’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!

As you get older, buying gifts gets more and more complicated. If you’re like me, you tend to just go out and buy those essential things you need; given a situation where you want something but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger just yet, you will do so as soon as you’ve established your search criteria. That is, once you move from “I want this” to “Ok, I think I really am ready to buy this now”, you suddenly have it in your house.

This gets complicated with gift-giving. Do they like your gift? Do they need your gift? Are you contributing to any problems by giving said gift, e.g. sending a bottle of Scotch to an alcoholic, a pellet gun to a violent youth, or a knick-knack to a hoarder?

The best way to evade many of these situations is to enroll the giftee in an “X of the Month” club. I myself have been a recipient of beers of the month, hot sauces of the month, and several others besides. These are excellent gifts: you’ve got variety, novelty, and the old “gift that keeps on giving,” long after you’ve focused on other things. I’m thrilled when our wine club delivers another few bottles, and it doesn’t concern me a bit if the original sender has long since forgotten their gift.

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2 Responses to x of the month

  1. Momma D says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes AND the dessert of the month, the Mocha Java cake. It got eaten rather fast. So good…!!! Looking forward to the next delivery. –THANK YOU!

  2. Momma D says:

    Month #2 – Cookies !!!
    Pecan with Chocolate Chips & Ginger Molasses

    Thank you!

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