cool sword names

Two really cool names for swords are: Oblivion’s Nail and Grimsliver.

Actually, wait, strike that second one. It sounds cool if you say “Grim sliver” but if you look at it, you could misread it as “Grims liver.” And while a grim sliver is cool, there is nothing cool about grim liver. Or liver belonging to Grim.

But Oblivion’s Nail is still really awesome.

I am cooking dinner on Wednesday and trying out some new marinades. I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to make chicken or steak; the steak I bought was fairly inexpensive, so if is to be edible at all it must be marinaded at least overnight. I’m kind of excited about cooking something, since I haven’t really done any actual cooking in awhile. Kara and I spent quite a while in the grocery store last night, and I picked up a bunch of stuff. Hopefully it turns out well.

I have a few new tasks at work that I’m half foot dragging on, and half just letting them work themselves out in my brain before I get hardcore into trying to solve them. Guess I should go start working on them now.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this was first published back in 2005, it has become the #2 result on Google for “cool sword names.” I should start a custom sword-naming business or something.

In honor of this, here are some more cool sword names for the list:

  • Bloodquench
  • Winterthorn
  • Anger’s Tear
  • Ragespike
  • Silencer

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: For some reason, this entry persists in being the #2 Google result for “cool sword names.” The rest of it is my personal blog…if you’ve come here via Google, feel free to browse other entries, which are random articles I’ve written, usually based on my interests, recent activities, or random thoughts. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. texas holdem says:

    texas holdem Mother died today. Or maybe yesterday, I donít know.

  2. Frostek says:

    You forget one thing – someone might not hear you say “Oblivion’s Nail”, and hear it as “Oblivion Snail”, which isn’t very scary.
    My favourite sword names are – Terminus Est – “This is the end”, and Aeco Soeri – “Augmenter of Pain”.
    Each to their own though! ;-)

  3. Sam Ward says:

    nice names =D i think the best is zoulamon

  4. Robert CLough says:

    The best sword name i have ever seen so far was Oblivion’s Embrace

  5. Obliterator says:

    the best sword names I have ever thought of is..
    Silverlight IV
    Sigil blade
    Goldlight III
    Hells Inferno
    Shadowbone V

  6. tyler says:

    the coolest ive heard is lightbender

  7. bobbo the clown says:

    i think enigma’s wrath is a good one

  8. ??? says:

    I looked up cool sword names on google and this was the #2 result for some reason…what the hell is this website even about? anyway, some really awesome sword names are “Twilight’s Calling”, “Arbitrator”, and “Sleeping Lion.”

  9. Afraz says:

    How about:
    1. Shadowbane
    2. Retribution
    3. Hellslayer
    4. Genesis
    5. Deathrune

  10. John doe says:

    Appocalips Rain ( pardon me if I spelt that wrong it’s pretty late).

  11. John doe says:

    Angelic supremacy,
    judgement day
    again pardon me if I spelt any of the names wrong. I hope some of these name help.
    Ps: I have some more I just rembered now and I’m to lazy to go back.
    Arc angel
    moon dragon blade
    have a funtastic time.

  12. hayden says:

    how about” decapitator” or “black heart” or “steve’s revenge”or”death stroke” or “devils toothpick”

  13. hayden says:


  14. Ari :) says:

    lol i did come here looking for cool sword names… :P You did give me an idea though, thank you.

    P.S. my sword is now made out of Grim Silver, forged in the spirit realm. :D

  15. Patrick says:


  16. Nien_Liebe says:

    I came looking for a name for my real sword, came up with a good one. Chi O Nomu, it’s Japanese for Blood drinker!
    here’s a few more:
    Shadow drinker
    blood claw
    Tsuka-suru (japanese for “goes through”)

  17. Arxen Zaonox says:

    “Oblivion Walker”
    “Shadowmere” <—(shadow -mear)
    "Death Stroke"
    "Kustrongetti" <—(Ku-strung-getty)
    "Twillight Taker"
    "Feral Inferno"
    Yeah I just made this up off the top of my head. Good luck naming your blade.

  18. Clark says:

    Omg I love these names i needed them for a video game im making

  19. some other names:

    -Dragon Fang
    -Time Stopper
    -Time’s Embrace


  20. mark says:

    I love how this article out of all the others still gets regular visitors. :)

    There’s an interesting article on right now that mentions how swords always have interesting names, and a lot of attention is paid to their forging. But not so much other weapons…you can almost picture Rambo naming his knife, but his rocket launcher is sadly anonymous.

    At any rate, here are three more sword names:


  21. Scott says:

    Bows: Voodoo Priest
    Devils Whisper
    Shiva’s Caress
    Shooting Thingy

    Swords/Daggers: Reaper’s Spike
    Soul Reaper
    Devil’s Prick
    Undertaker’s Nail
    Wrecked ‘Em
    Die Bitch

  22. Tyrone Sexy says:

    Deathreach…no that sounds like a band…

    1. Shadowslayer
    2. Deathrune

    That’s all I got…

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